Cartalafranca        Production


Fabrication des premières feuilles
Locarno, Villa Italia 1969
Photo Rosemarie Holliger, Davos
The future paper mill February 1973. An old sawmill in the Valle Maggia valley. We had to get rid of sawdust and concrete walls, and build up walls and floors with old demolition material. On 24 November 1974 we could start producing paper, even if in precarious conditions.
Préparation de la pâte
Flaxseed and cotton tissues are prepared in the Hollander beater. Bonding is carried out using natural resins. The grinder can be seen in the background.
Les premières feuilles de 2 mètres
by Christian and Francois, September 1989
The tank is filled with water and pulp is added.
In the center pressing, on the left a sheet is put on the felt.
End of the day in the drying room
from left to right:
Christian, Francois, Gertrude et Stefania
Photo Fredo Meyerhenn, Cavigliano
Séchage des feuilles rondes de 135 cm
1993 / In the background the Rovana river,
one of the few rivers in the Vallemaggia from which
the water is not completely used to produce electricity.
Manufacture d'un grand Ovale
by Francois and Olivier
Photo Fredo Meyerhenn, Cavigliano
Drying of round 135 cm paper sheets
on drying racks, 2002, by Olivier and Beate.
The technique has been refined
compared to the one used in 1993
Après le séchage
Some will be laminated to obtain a flat paper,
but most of them will flatten without exerting
any mechanical pressure, to preserve the beauty
of the natural structure of the paper.