Fracass New Orleans Jazz Band
Pyrénées 21.6.1973
The journey: Italy-France-Spain-Switzerland.
The Fracass New Orleans Jazz Band was established on 2.3.1971 by François Lafranca,
Danilo Moccia (14 years) and his brother Aurelio (17 years). They were joined by Ugo Zaccheo and Alberto Maceroni, later on (in 1972) by Brenno Boccadoro, Maurizio Ferrazzini and Primo Mella. During this tour, the Band has played also in the "Petit Journal", in Paris.
En Studio d'enregistrement Berne 14.7.1974 Photo François Lafranca
For the Fracass Band the years 1973-1975 have been very productive. Many rehearsals and contracts, often concerts. They thus decided to record a 33 rpm vinyle. This took place in Berne, in Markus Fischer's studio (an incredible sound artist, unbeatable in the field of acoustics). Some copies of the record are still available.
Chamber Jazz Trio Kunsthalle Mannheim 1984 Photo Atelier Pfleiderer, Minden
in 1983 François Lafranca, who had started
playing the bass saxo, met the violinist
Jean-Pierre Enderli. With Maurizio Ferrazzini
playing guitar, they started a Jazz style
that was getting different from the New Orleans style
and included also some Swing.
ChamberJazz Band
Collinasca 1993.
The band evolves; two guitar players, Michele Mainardi and Leonardo Suardi. Maurizio Ferrazzini plays again the contrabassoon. The repertoire gets larger, including some modern Jazz pieces.
Often during rehearsals and concerts, other players join the quintet.
Quartette Fracass 12.7.2014 in Roggwil (BE)
In the meantime the Chamber Jazz Band split - some musicians established the Bisercia band and François played in small groups, particularly with Danilo, Alberto and Brenno. During this session the pianist Felix Mayer replaced Brenno.
Au Spazio Arauco Minusio 2015
Often, when the band plays with no pianist, Danilo plays the tuba. Combined with the clarinet and the banjo, this produces a warm sound, particularly suited for New Orleans Jazz. The logo on the large drum was painted by the cornet player Klaus Sommer, who regularly played with the Fracass Band in the seventies.
Concert au Grotto Franci
F-ChamberJazz à Todi 23 September 2017 in the spaces of the atelier Piero Dorazio, an old convent with agricultural spaces. From left to right: Michele Mainard, Claudio Tettamanti, Francois Lafranca, Jean-Pierre Enderli, Alberto Maceroni.
Finissage exposition François Lafranca Dimanche 28 octobre 16.00 h avec la Fracass-Chamber-Jazzband: François Lafranca, saxo basse, banjo / Danilo Moccia, trombone, tuba, Alberto Maceroni, clarinette, flute, saxophones / Jean-Pierre Enderli, violon / Michele Mainardi, guitare / Patrizia Caviezel, washboard / Claudio Tettamanti, contrebasse